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portfolio foodeggs7 builder/translator


Hi there :wave:t2: you are searching for an translator or someone who can made an tumbnail for your game then you need me.

I’m foodeggs7 but you may say food currently I work together with some other Devs on an game called the parallel universes I’m saving to change the name from us group I’m have more then one year experience in building and translating and can a bit ui design 3d modeling and scripting I started developing in may 2022 I like it to make events for my game and I like it to test beta features

My work history start in the first game I made with a team from all unexperienced Devs who can only building later I made in that game some Gui without any design so too a phone it was z rp game called Pijnacker v1 I’m the only who go further in developing

Pijnacker v1

So I tell first game Pijnacker v1


I made alot of models here here my models

Png (6)Png (7)Png (4)Png (5)

happy obbies

The game I made in my own Happy obbies




I translate experiences in Dutch I have translated the parallel universes and happy obbies


I made tumbnails with Canva I can do it for your game
And logo,s for passes or your game or badges

Png (2)









My current job is working with an team from Devs on game The parallel universes


I’m have 1+ years experience

  • 1+ year building

  • 1+ year Gui

  • 1+ year scripting

  • 1+ year translating

  • 6+ mounths 3d modeling

Im can work if I have time on this moment I cannot do jobs within Roblox studio because I will in the weekend when I can work in studio will I work on my own games so I can do on mobile

  • make a description for your game
    • I play the game first then some words what describe the game I set in the description as you made an example business tycoon and you can build an hq for your business I set it in the description so you search hq it must sall find your game but Roblox search engine is bad but I take my best
  • make tumbnails for your game
    • I make screens from your game and set text by it and shapes to make it good you can sent me images for it
  • I translate your experiences


  • My archiements
    • have more then 1k visits on my game happy obbies
    • earn with my game
  • my goals
    • have a popular group and games
    • saving for change the group name from the parallel universes to game masters studio

How you pay me first I have some prices for the job
You can find my prices here

You pay me in my payment place I made this later link will be here you pay me if I have done the job if I not done the job you don’t pay me I don’t do paying before because idk or I can complete it

I take no jobs for horror games or bloody games or devil games and not wierd games like skibi toilet or things


How you can contact me

Or invite me on talent hub

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my cheap prices

translating R$
Per page 20 strings 5
If page have not 20 strings
< 10 strings on page 0
> 10 strings per page 2
> 15 strings per page 3
Products pases and names and short description 2
Images to translate 15
Long description 10
Other game things like description and tumbnails R$
Description 20
Tumbnail and images show on the game page (Per) 20
Logos for passes or badges 15

What find others from my work DM me as I work for you with your feedback and I show it here

reaction people I worked for

reaction people who worked for me

reaction people who worked for me

reaction people for who I have worked
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