Open Positions for Westcreek High School

Hello, thank you for showing interest by taking a look at the open positions here at Westcreek High School. Please keep in mind each position requires different levels of expectations. We highly recommend you apply for a position that’s fits you, you can be terminated from your position at anytime if your unable to meet the expectations. :+1:

Once you choose a position, please notify superintendent or asst. superintendent to see if the position is open, you will receive a response 1-12 hours. :exclamation:

Expectation Key :key::
Senior Level - Requires high level of expectations.
Junior Level - Requires medium level of expectations.
Basic Level - Requires low level of expectations.

(1x) President - Senior Level
(1x) Vice President - Senior Level
(1x) Principal - Senior Level
(1x) Assistant Principal - Senior Level
(1x) Deputy Principal - Senior Level
(1x) School Administration - Junior Level
(3x) Guidance Professional - Junior Level
(4x) Office Secretary - Junior Level
(6x) Core Teacher (Including World Languages) - Basic Level
(4x) Elective Teacher - Basic Level
(2x) Resource Teacher - Basic Level

All positions have a application you have 24 hours to take. Positions fill up quickly so take the position while you can.

Superintendent of Westcreek Public Schools