[Open, Price Negotiable] Recruiting UI Designer to Create and Implement User Interface for Life Roleplay game

Repost of an earlier post as the position is still open.

About Us

Hey there! We’re a small studio of two veteran (Close to 10 years) roblox users fast approaching the first release of our game. Up to this point we’ve been able to do most aspects of the game ourselves in a way we were happy with for the time being, however recently I got around to trying to implement a good looking UI and found that it simply couldn’t be done in a reasonable amount of time without bringing someone else on board.

The Team
@jacktheripper111 - Scripter, Builder, Design
@Inflixion - Builder, Design Advisor

The game’s not currently open to the public except in times of testing however we’ll be happy to show it off (in its still kinda buggy state) to anyone interested in the job.

About The Job

We’re looking for a UI Designer experienced in using Roblox Studios UI features to bring a pleasant and easily understandable experience to the player. The basic layout of the menus and what sort of information needs to be present have already been established and can be shown in a rough way, however as the UI Designer you know best so feel free to change the layout and overall design to whatever you feel will bring the best experience so long as it fits in with the game

Scripting for the current state of the menus have already been done and I have no problem editing it as needed to fit your new UI design, however the physical implementation of the ui (ie implementing the various frames and aspects of the ui) will fall in your hands as working with this system to achieve the results I’m wanting is what has been giving me troubles.

If interested, there’ll be more opportunities to expand upon this UI in the future as we implement more planned features as well, however the overall scope of the job is fairly small at the time including a basic main menu, menubar, and some sub buttons bringing up various inventory and customization options.


Payment can be discussed upon contact to come to a price that we both view as fair for the amount of work. We’d prefer to pay in USD as it’d be easier than using those funds to purchase robux for payment.

As I mentioned above, there’ll be future opportunities not only for this game but other planned projects beyond that as well. Therefore, if you’re interested in a more permanent long term role we can discuss revenue sharing as an option as well.

Contact Us

You can contact me here on the DevForums or via Discord @Artemis#8073
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

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