[Open \\ Prices from 10R$] GamersInternational, Aspiring UI [Graphics] Designer, Basic GFX Artist and Basic Scripter

I just uploaded some work that is an example of GFX and UI. This is a sniping game example.

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Really like the UI! Very clean and original. Your prices are very low, I recommend up-ing it.


I sorta did a poll on my previous portfolio and I believe about 45% of people said my prices were too high [prices don’t differ on this new portfolio that much] and half of people said the prices were fine and 1 person said it was too low.

I’d rather keep it low to compete with others [might even start making it lower, thinking about launching a price match system]

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You realise 12 robux is literally 4 pennies?


More closer to 15p but yes. I want to keep my prices low and not expensive.

There’s much more talented people like @chenami which I respect for charging as much as they do but I want to keep my prices cheap.

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GamersInternational Basic GFX Is really Nice to me, She just finished a Basic GFX of My ROBLOX Avatar, and I have to say She Nailed the Super Hero Animation Idle of my Character and the Shading does make it look better, Ill be sure to use this in my Game and Youtube Channel Thumbnails and Profile!

2/24/21 | 11:16 PM Edit: I just got started into using Blender and now I can make my Own GFX’s and ROBLOX Animations, and its hard to believe but my inspiration actually came mostly from GamerInternational, seeing the Basic, and Good GFXs she made it made me wanna try it!, and now I know how to use Lights, Renders Engines, and more graphics for my GFX and I’m still practicing. But I do thank you once again @GamersInternational

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Thank you, just updated the reviews section in the portfolio to include your review. Have a great day btw :smiley:

Added the GFX that I did for @AutoGamerChadYT in the GFX section. [contains watermarks]

Can I see more of your work please?

My YT channel logo is an example of GFX. I’ll add some more that I have lying around in a second.

O ok btw you are taking 10 RS to make a GFX ? ( or is it free ? )

Ten Robux, I would like to make a profit somehow rather than none.

My prices are less than anyone else that you can find for GFX, I believe most charge 50 Robux

Just added another GFX example [@Safi683 take a look at this]:

Time for another GFX? Just uploaded another one for everyone to take a look at:

[had to compress the image since it was over devforums file size limit]

I’ve added yet another GFX [I keep adding these to improve my experience and for fun :smiley:]

You Said ‘My prices are less than anyone else that you can find for GFX’ that is wrong because someone made me 3 gfxs for free.

Not gonna lie but its a good gfx I might pay you to make 1 for me in future not now tho :slight_smile:

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It’s probably because they just want a review to get started out but I do charge less than most people. The minimum price you’ll see often is 50 Robux whereas my GFX max is 40.

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Yes you are right!
I might tell you to make me a gfx in future :slight_smile: but I don’t need a Gfx right now.

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You’re my favorite UI designer. :heart: