[Open \\ Prices from 10R$] GamersInternational, Aspiring UI [Graphics] Designer, Basic GFX Artist and Basic Scripter


I’m doing a massive 3 months sale where you can save 50%, this sale starts from 4th October 2021 and ends on 30th December 2021 at 11:59pm BST.

From October 1st, please use my Talent Hub portfolio instead: Talent Hub

Hi there! I am GamersInternational, an aspiring UI Designer that has been creating UIs in Inkscape and Figma for 10-13 months. I also am a basic GFX artist and a mediocre scripter, I run a YouTube channel with 10K+ subscribers.

I’m also capable to test your game, I can do testing with touch controls, keyboard controls and controller controls.

View my old portfolio [I made this new portfolio as the old one is quite messy]: (Old Portfolio, please use new portfolio) GamersInternational, Aspiring UI (Graphics) Designer, Basic GFX Artist & Basic Scripter

View my website which contains a description of my skills and some of the showcase items over there [also 75+ icons available to download, Premium members only]: https://flynnfarrow.wixsite.com/graphics


Here is all my work, I’ve sorted UI, Scripting, GFX and actual showcases inside a Roblox game or a plugin into separate categories for easy viewing.

UI Work
UI that doesn't assign to a specific game
Custom Windows but its macOS style UI

I recently made some UI which was Windows but a large part of the UI was based off of how Apple does their UI.

Obby Towers

Here’s the UI I’ve done in @Thorize’s Obby Towers game [not finalised]:

Admin Panel, could do better here:

Sniping Game | fictional



I make my GFX’s by animating them in Roblox Studio using the plugin Moonsuite Animator and then I export the obj and export an image of the avatar using Microsoft’s 3D Viewer. Here is some examples [not ordered by game as I haven’t had a game personally come up to me to want me to make a GFX].


Will fill this out with images and videos soon, my plugins Roblox Fast Donation Button Creation and DisableCoreGuiFunctions show examples of this.

Links to showcase items

Ro-Chat by @Ty_Scripts: Ro-Chat - Roblox
Roblox Fast Donation Button Creation Plugin by myself: (v2.0.1 // Bliss update) Roblox Fast Donation Button Creation Plugin
DisableCoreGuiFunctions by myself: [v2.0] DisableCoreGUIFunctions Beta
My spinoff of the Roblox Studio logo: Feedback of my spin-off of the new Studio logo
My portfolio headers: Feedback on my portfolio headers


Click the box below to view my reviews [some are from my old portfolio].

Positive Reviews | 8









Negative Reviews | 0

No negative reviews so far :smiley:


My time zone is BST [British Summer Time / UTC+1]. I’m available to work for you from 5pm to 8:30pm BST everyday.


My prices are completely negotiable, I accept Robux via Developer Product (buyer must include tax payment), Robux via Group Funds and Roblox gift cards (not recommended). Here is all my payment panels:

Offers on prices shown above:

Item Reduced Price (in :robux_gold:) Original Price (in :robux_gold:) Reduction end date
Everything except those listed below 50% 100% 30/12/2021
Basic Icon 5 10 N/A
Basic UI 20-200 25-250 N/A

I also offer a subscription service if you want to avoid having to do multiple orders. I offer a Lite and Standard Premium subscription package for those who would like to subscribe to my stuff instead.

Reward Points

Reward points are a new way for people who have commissioned me in the past or any person who refers me to a user to get money off an order from me. Every 10 Robux spent on a commission from me is 1 Reward Point. You can exchange 1 Reward Point for 1 Robux off your order.

Any person who refers me gets 0.5 Reward Points per referral.

Please note: Reward Points are non-exchangeable to any currency such as Robux and USD.


Here is my terms:

  • I do not allow any verbal abuse towards me and I will report you if you do that
  • I will not work with anyone that reveals to be under 13
  • I cannot sign a contract with you
  • I have the right to cancel any order (see subpoints for when this would happen)
    - When the person commissioning does not respond in over a week
    - If I deem a job to be too complex/has a short time limit
  • I have the right to revoke licenses to items (this’ll only happen if I’m not paid)


I’m only available for contact here on the Developer Forum and the chat function on my website, I do not use Discord or Twitter.

Thanks for reading and have a great day! :slight_smile:


I recommend @GamersInternational highly to work on your game! Not only is she talented with GUI and GFX, she is an amazing team member and is very friendly!


Thank you for leaving a positive review!

I just uploaded some work that is an example of GFX and UI. This is a sniping game example.

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Really like the UI! Very clean and original. Your prices are very low, I recommend up-ing it.


I sorta did a poll on my previous portfolio and I believe about 45% of people said my prices were too high [prices don’t differ on this new portfolio that much] and half of people said the prices were fine and 1 person said it was too low.

I’d rather keep it low to compete with others [might even start making it lower, thinking about launching a price match system]

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You realise 12 robux is literally 4 pennies?


More closer to 15p but yes. I want to keep my prices low and not expensive.

There’s much more talented people like @chenami which I respect for charging as much as they do but I want to keep my prices cheap.

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GamersInternational Basic GFX Is really Nice to me, She just finished a Basic GFX of My ROBLOX Avatar, and I have to say She Nailed the Super Hero Animation Idle of my Character and the Shading does make it look better, Ill be sure to use this in my Game and Youtube Channel Thumbnails and Profile!

2/24/21 | 11:16 PM Edit: I just got started into using Blender and now I can make my Own GFX’s and ROBLOX Animations, and its hard to believe but my inspiration actually came mostly from GamerInternational, seeing the Basic, and Good GFXs she made it made me wanna try it!, and now I know how to use Lights, Renders Engines, and more graphics for my GFX and I’m still practicing. But I do thank you once again @GamersInternational

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Thank you, just updated the reviews section in the portfolio to include your review. Have a great day btw :smiley:

Added the GFX that I did for @AutoGamerChadYT in the GFX section. [contains watermarks]

Can I see more of your work please?

My YT channel logo is an example of GFX. I’ll add some more that I have lying around in a second.

O ok btw you are taking 10 RS to make a GFX ? ( or is it free ? )

Ten Robux, I would like to make a profit somehow rather than none.

My prices are less than anyone else that you can find for GFX, I believe most charge 50 Robux

Just added another GFX example [@Safi683 take a look at this]:

Time for another GFX? Just uploaded another one for everyone to take a look at:

[had to compress the image since it was over devforums file size limit]

I’ve added yet another GFX [I keep adding these to improve my experience and for fun :smiley:]

You Said ‘My prices are less than anyone else that you can find for GFX’ that is wrong because someone made me 3 gfxs for free.

Not gonna lie but its a good gfx I might pay you to make 1 for me in future not now tho :slight_smile:

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