[Open \\ Prices from 10R$] GamersInternational, Aspiring UI [Graphics] Designer, Basic GFX Artist and Basic Scripter

Awesome GFX artist and UI designer! I am loving :heart: the UI design she used in Ro-Chat! I am very happy to have someone like her as a teammate and she is very hard working!


Awww thanks. I’ll take your suggestion on board by the way, I’ll have to think of what icons I could put in a set.

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I have added my own website for my UI Design. This website is very basic however some of the showcase images here is now over there. I’ve also added around 75 icons for Premium members to access when I am online or not. All are fully available for download for Premium members only.


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Get a GFX at a discounted price :smiley:, limited time only

:money_with_wings: Avatar GFX for only 3 Robux, only available until 17th April @ 6pm BST

New GFX, requested by (revoked license for user). [i know the gfx is pretty bad, i could certainly improve the particle effects]


Review: She did it really fast, recommended to buy from, 10/10, quick delivery.



Potential massive delay to non-UI (UI in Roblox Studio as well) due to a broken hinge on my laptop. (it’s been broken for about a year but we tried to fix it yesterday and the laptop only opens to 30-45°)

GFX cannot be done as I don’t want to install Roblox Studio on my other computers and I cannot install 3D Viewer on them due to them running Windows 7/8.1.

Scripting cannot be done for the same reason.

I’m not a fan of the portfolio.

Too many robux logos. Use tables.

No point, they are sale prices.

I can’t even read it.

Type Price
Small UI 5
In-Game UI 35-175

Please crop these!

This needs more detail.

I will remake this for you

Cropping these would probably wouldn’t be a good idea as the person wouldn’t be fully sure if I actually did this work as the username at the top of Studio is important.

It’s not your portfolio. It’s my terms, not yours.

You can, you just prefer to have it a bit more organised.


It would be a good idea. We know it’s you, there to good to be anybody else’s. lol

Really nice work. Love em’ ui’s. Keep it up.

Thanks! It means a lot to have great feedback on my stuff.

Also, I might extend the GFX for 3 Robux offer until Friday 23rd April 7pm BST since I cannot make any UI right now due to laptop being broken

Ok! Sounds good. :eyes:
I don’t need GFX, good luck.

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Hey everyone, when I can I’ll be making the Premium subscription package even more valuable by allowing users to download UI templates that they can customise and use in their game.

This may sadly mean price rises because Wix doesn’t allowed me to restrict parts of the site to specific members (might have to use password protection on the UI templates page) :sob:

This’ll help make a UI for your game without even needing a UI Designer.

@gamersinternational made me a great high quality GFX, within a short time period! Even though there were a few challenges with her computer, she easily pushed through them, and delivered on time!

Her competitive prices are amazing as well, I never thought I could get a GFX this good for only 3 robux (make sure to leave a tip though :wink:)

Hope you can buy a new computer soon, maybe you will one day become a GFX powerhouse and make a living on here!

Thank you for all your kind words :smiley:

I want to keep my prices low for everyone since I don’t want to charge tons [by the way, you did get yours during a sale and it’s now back up to ten Robux].

Yeah I’m hoping to get one next week to combat this:

I will also add your GFX to the showcase (the watermarked version ofc) in a minute


Push it in :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I going to help you make Basic Icon

I can’t, it’ll just come back up. The only solution is a clamp lol

Don’t quite understand, do you want to buy a Basic Icon from me?