[OPEN!] Professional Greek Translator for hire!


Hey, there! Γεια! (Greek) I’m a Native Greek Citizen who lives in the capital of Greece, Athens!
My passion is Translating and Transcription. I’m happy to offer my services to anybody!

Why me?

Oftentimes you could use Google Translate for Translating anything, but google translate isn’t always a good option. I’m not saying you can’t use it, just sometimes it doesn’t do its job correctly and your game might seem weird and confusing to your Greek players. That’s what I’m here for! To help you achieve a lot of players from Greece to your game since Roblox is popular there.


Depends on the project, don’t expect large amounts of Robux given to me!

I accept: PayPal, Roblox Giftcards and payment via gamepass.


You can contact me via Discord or the forum.

Discord: Synpaz#2687 DM’s Open!

I would love to work with you!

Να εχεις μια ωραια μέρα! (Greek)