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Double Edged Development

About Us

Double Edged Development is a group owned and currently operated solely by myself, K_iyo. I am currently working on Expanse with Meridian Studios as the 3D Modeler. DED has been a huge project for myself and I have been planning this for a few years but I have never been able to create it myself as much as I have wanted to. I really enjoyed games like Strife, (the Roblox version) and many other fighting games like it. I have thousands of hours into RTS, Fighting, and other genres that all mashed together to form this idea of Project: Aspects.

Project: Aspects is planned to be a massive project using unique characters and abilities to create something more like a traditional MOBA. I believe this will do well on the platform as many of its ancestors (Strife, namely) have been before, however with a more modern look and feel to it. The vast customization will allow players to feel more encapsulated in the world as their monetary investments will keep them coming back and the medieval setting is something a vast majority of players enjoy. Such as the big boom of games similar to Mordhau, or Chivalry, although hosted on other platforms, which all gained massive popularity very quickly and are still doing very well.

Some more information can be found in these links:
Google DataSheet
Design Document

The Team
Myself - Project Lead / 3D Modeler (Weapons/Armor)
@lolfxv3 - Programmer
@DoubleDog_DareMe- Graphic Designer (UI)
@ unfilled Map Builder
@ unfilled - Animator

About The Job

Project: Aspects is a hero-based, third-person fighting game based on fast-paced, intense battles with a small number of players to focus on personal attacks rather than team-oriented play to allow communication to not be vital.

The Hero types are as follows: Tank, Warrior, and Support. As the names suggest, there are the tanks that have high durability and low attack power, warriors are vice versa, and supports are fairly moderate in everything. However, each character also has unique abilities and attacks that can sway a battle one way or another. Tanks often become harder to kill, warriors get stronger, and supports help empower their team.

The characters are also apart of Factions, known as Hav’alesh, Bosheka, and Yashundra. These factions represent different types of stories and tales written across the world to allow a diversity of lore and creative freedom in character creation/development. Hav’alesh is based on the Mythological stories, such as Greek or Norse stories of Gods and Men. Yashundra is focused on the folklore and historical characters of the world, such as Templars and Samurai. And last, Bosheka is based on fantasy and the stories of modern fiction, namely dwarves or elves and the such.

Every character has unique weapons and armor as well that represent their faction and hero type, as well as cosmetic skins that can be purchased.

Currently, there are 13 heroes listed to be made, 3 of which will be available by Beta. Later updates containing new characters will be released periodically as “Situations,” based on Rainbow Six: Siege’s Operation-based updates.

Project: Aspects consists of 3 teams, with 6 players each, battling against each other. Unlike traditional MOBA games, the goal of the game is not to destroy towers or other base structures. Additionally, players do not kill neutral units to gain resources, and therefore players cannot buy items or other resources in the game to augment their character’s stats or abilities. This leads to action-focused gameplay within short matches.

Project: Aspects is inspired by works such as “For Honor” by Ubisoft, and “Battlerite” by Stunlock Studios. However, we will not infringe on their, or others, IP

The name "Project: Aspects" is not finalized and is just a placement until further notice.
Example of our game's build style. This is an image of Citadel from For Honor, which as stated before is an inspiration to the game's creation, and is not owned or created by me.


Project: Aspects needs:

  • 2 maps before launch
  • A simple combat system for melee weapons, and character customization.
  • Basic functional UI for customization and gameplay, similar to that of For Honor and other MOBA’s

A deadline is not set as this is more of a passion project for myself and I would rather create something worthwhile and not rushed.

Current Work

Basic UI layouts


As stated before, players can customize their characters and weapons, along with an emote system such as that of Dark Souls where players can open a menu using a keybind, and within that menu, they can play certain animations that may convey their feeling or taunt the enemy. Character skins can be simple or complex, the same with weapons. In order to purchase these things, players must purchase a new currency called “Silver” which is only useable on these skins. There are no current plans for loot boxes, however, they may be added to be useable with the basic currency of Credits, rather than Silver. This gives a chance for players to play games to use the loot box system and will not allow players to purchase it directly with Robux.

  1. Emotes
  2. Weapon Skins
  3. Armor Skins
  4. “Silver”
  5. Weapon Particles/Trails


I am currently unable to provide upfront payments but am willing to pay in percentage of game revenue and can discuss one-time payments down the line. The payments can be discussed and changed but initial percentages are as follows:

  • Scripter: 40%

  • Graphic Designer: 27.5%

  • Builder: 27.5%

  • Myself: 5%

  • Animator: 1-time payment of (Animator’s price * # of animations)

As stated, these rates can be changed if one feels their work is being underpaid. As time goes on and I receive my own personal income, I can pay more than currently listed

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Twitter/Discord at:
https://twitter.com/KiyoRbx / Kiyo#8922

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


What happened to your other previous project (Expanse)? Have you stopped working on it or will you be working on both at the same time?

And what will you be doing for the game?

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Expanse is mostly small things that I have to make and I have a large amount of time to do so and it’s in no rush. The team is quite large and we don’t have any true deadlines and it’s not a big deal.

As shown here:

I will be the 3D Modeler, making Weapons/Armor as that’s what I’m best at doing and enjoy the most. I’ll add in some clarification if that’s what you’re wanting.


Hello! I’m Aerayne and I create a lot medieval building projects or any almost complex architectures. I would love to help upon making this project with the development team, sadly, I cannot add you through discord as you may have turned off friend requests.

Feel free to contact me! | Aerayne#3143

Oh? Thanks for bringing this up, I’ll get right on changing my settings. You should recieve a request soon!

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