[OPEN] Project Manager for Hire

Hi there! My name is Tegan I have been on this Platform for a long time now, recently coming into management I am striving to sell my skills to help other groups in need. I am very organized and professional, I can keep your community in place!

  • What can I do?
    I can organize your group, give you tips on how to improve it and help you set it up, help you find GFX artists, and find Staff help you with guides and plans to improve your group once I help you, I may have the choice to leave or continue with your group.

  • What does my client need?
    My clients will need a decent budget, even if it’s just PayPal or it’s just Robux (Group funds) you need to be mature and serious with myself. Myself must agree with you the client with what your needs are.

  • Payment
    I normally take weekly or monthly payment but I must also have an upfront payment before starting, I can show you some of my old projects I helped with or created on my own. Showing you what I can do to your group! I do not take small payments as it’s a lot of work, and I would consider to be serious when helping others. I can take Robux to Paypal consider PayPal as it’s easier but most payments can do.

  • Can I help you with other types of things?
    Yes I can help you with your Discord server, Social Media or your service management really anything you need I can handle.

  • Social Media
    Want to contact me to find out more information, just use my Social media below, I normally answer on Discord the fastest.

    Twitter xTeg_an
    Discord Tegan#0001
    Roblox - xTeg_an

Thank you for reading! Hope to manage your group soon. :slightly_smiling_face: