[OPEN] Project Osoville, a unique open world roleplay game is looking for a Builder

About the Project

Project Osoville is an exciting unique roleplay game that combines aspects of US-Mexico Border games with roleplay-centered games. In our game, players can roleplay in jobs like becoming a Police Officer, being a member of the Fire Department, or they can create their own destiny by creating their own Criminal/Smuggling gang or starting their own business with friends in our open world, player-based economy in a large realistic mountainous map. Our goal is for each player to have a different experience and be able to do different things than the last time they played our game. The game already has a good amount of progression and a solid team, but we’re looking to expand further. You’ll be working in a highly close knit and active team that’s working toward a common goal, so this is a good position for you if you enjoy working with a team.

Requirements/What you’ll be doing

  • As a builder, you’ll be working on front end work for our game. This could include interiors for builds or exteriors themselves although it depends on what you can do. If you’re unable to do interiors but can do exteriors, we still would like to have you on the team. The builds we might need could include homes, shops/restaurants or general businesses, or government buildings and other miscellaneous things.

  • You need discord.


Building Payment: Fully negotiable as I’m very flexible with payment, but payment will be in a competitive range and suit your needs depending on what you ask for. We can negotiate this in DM’s.

Contact us

Send me a friend request on discord and I’ll accept it ASAP. My username and tag is amaze#8251.

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