{OPEN} Project/Business Manager FOR HIRE

★ Hi, my name is Tia and I am a 17-year-old Project manager who’s looking for an owner in need of assistance with their team or having problems with conserving their products, I work as a community, game, and social media management.

➜ Project Management
➜ Marketing
➜ Hiring Developers
➜ Game design
➜ Strategy
➜ Scrum
➜ communications.
➜ Planing
➜ Content Pipeline
★ Available mostly anytime that’s needed, my TimeZone is GMT, School Days am available from 1 pm-11 pm
On Weekends am available from 5 am-11 pm
The least am online is 9h per day.
★ 3 years of experience and worked for,
Dexus Studios (Project Manager/Co-owner)
Insight Games (Administrator)

★ I charge depending on:

  • The games/group current income.
  • The size of the team.
  • The scale of the project.
  • The time and work being asked of you.
    ★ I may work Monthly, but for the first month i will take my payments weekly (1000+

    LeoSi#1122 (Discord, for the fastest responce)
    Kinglink909@gmail.com (Gmail)

Do you have an references? It’s hard to hire people like this if they don’t have references or not “well-know”

Reference as in? Links to the groups or?

As in people you’ve worked for previously

I have already posted who i have worked for and the position.

Can I get some verification on that with the development studios? Any type of feedback from them?


I have no form of comunications with them as of now.

For those direct messages, I will send when the person DMS me about proof, this is a for-hire post I don’t need to put hard proof behind it.
I have only changed to 2 accounts and this Tiakeno one was created in 2019 Dec, IDK how is it saying 2020 maybe a bug.

Alright, thank you for making it clear.

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