[OPEN] Quality Clothes + is looking for clothing designer

About Us

Hello! We are " Quality Clothes + " a fairly new clothing group. We need a clothing designers to stay working for us!

About The Job

We are looking for a clothing designer who has experience.


  • Payment is negotiable*
    I pay 50% of the company’s profits or 5 robux for clothes made

Contact Us

You can talk to me through the forum or my discord. Apelidosnoob#2574


Hey! I just wanted to give you a little tip, most high quality designers won’t design for a percentage or as little as 5 robux. Most experienced designers charge 40-100 robux, and take a set payment.


She is right man that pay is too low

But if u increase the pay a little I can do this job for u I sent a friend request to u here is my username Emmaplays#4301

Hi, im interenting for the job

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