[OPEN] [R$100,000] Medium 750x750 Map(s)

Hi! I’m looking for a builder to produce map(s) for a new game I am creating.


  • 1 week per map, I’d like these completed quickly but would be willing to adjust.


  • Looking for experienced builders that have created maps similar to those found in games such as mm2.

Map will be:

  • Open to the sky, no inside roofed off maps.
  • Suitable for 20-25 Players.
  • Not wide open, structures you can go in, climb on, or hide behind.

If you are curious I’ll be using these for a minigame battle royale style game I am creating, a starter map I have and what this looks like here: https://twitter.com/silkygames/status/952577957662310400

Please contact me on Discord, Silky#0960, and send me your portfolio if you are interested.


Are there any gameplay elements that need to be taken into account? Vehicles, natural hazards etc.
What is the player’s mobility like, are they in vehicles or just running?

Right thank you for posting. No vehicles, just running. Hoping you followed the tweet as that depicts it well. This will NOT be a big open world game like PUBG or Fortnite, as shown by the 750x750 map size.

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So is there an estimate as to how many maps one would have to create? Also, are the ideas for each map preset/chosen by you or does the builder have discretion? As well, are there any limits to the map’s part count, mesh use/unions?

  1. You can could build however many you want, I’m looking for 2-5 total, they probably won’t all come from one person.

  2. I do have a couple ideas, but I am generally not to great when it comes to thinking of ideas, I’d love to let you explore what you think would be fun.

  3. Part count would be limited, under 6-7k ish parts, detail would be on the medium side. Bricks and unions welcome. I’ve had performance issues before having too many custom/meshes so those would only be encouraged only if used in small quantities.

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So if not all the maps come from one person, that means the 100,000 Robux would be divided between how many maps each person built, or is there something else in mind?

The payment of 100,000 would be given on a per map basis, if I had 5 maps made I would be paying out 500,000.

Oh… Oh my… Wasn’t expecting that answer. I guess with 100 million play sessions (congratulations by the way!) you do earn quite a bit.

I would love to take this job!

Here are some of my building examples:

But one problem… I’M ALSO NOT CREATIVE

I’ve been looking for a job like this for a while now

Also I have a few exams to study for this week but I can definitely work out time, next week I’m fairly free

If you can give me ideas of what you want and even just general layouts, I can do a lot, and I can do it fairly fast

Message me on Discord, I’ve got some questions.

Alright, I sent a friend request!

I read into your 100,000R$/map offer.
I would like to build for you, however I’m wondering what you are expecting. I do great work with large scale maps. I’m very creative with ideas, it won’t be very hard for me.
Message on ROBLOX or
I can show you examples if you would like.

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