[OPEN] Ray1872 | Translator [Brazilian Portuguese & Portuguese]

Who am I?

Hello there :wave:! I am a 15-year-old student from Portugal, I’ve been in Roblox since 2015, and I have always been fascinated by foreign languages.

Why should I translate my game to Portuguese :portugal:/:brazil:?

Portuguese is one of the major languages used in Roblox due to the huge amount of Brazilians players, it is a language that has grown a lot over the years in Roblox since I joined the game I saw Brazilian and Portuguese players having complications related to localization and in-game communication.

Having your game translated into Portuguese would enhance your game and consequently cause more significant greater community interaction and engagement. It will also increase the number of activity for native Portuguese and Brazilian players.

Availability :timer_clock:

I am available from 6-8 hours every day.

Payment :moneybag:

I charge five robux per word, I do not accept PayPal.

Contact :iphone:

You can either send me a message here or contact me through discord ray#5437.

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