[OPEN] Raze | Experienced UI/UX Designer for Hire


This portfolio is very outdated and I have lots more newer works/projects.

About Me

I’m Raze, and I am a self-taught UI/UX designer and Graphics artist. I have worked for many people in the past and have learned many new techniques, skills, and strategies over a few years.

Although this portfolio is new, all of the work is mine and this is my only account.

For my Interface designs I use the following programs:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe XD
  • Adobe Illustrator

I have worked for many people and contributed to many popular games including:

And many more.

I am currently offering my User Interface/UI services.

I do not script or import my designs into Studio, I am a designer.


Recent/Updated Showcase

Cartoony/Wooden Shop UI

Sci-FI Shop UI

Website Interface Design


FPS Shooter Game UI

Super Baby Simulator UIs

Andromeda UIs

Cafe Game UI's


Monopoly Game UI's

Destiny 2 Type UIs

Simple Stat Bar Interface


Strucid UI Concept

Club Reverb UIs

Starblox Cafe UIs

Vibe Dubai UIs

MM2 Type Game UIs

Personal Project: Elemental Simulator UI's


Naval Warfare Tycoon UIs

Backstretch Battles Remastered UIs

This is a new portfolio, more work coming soon.


DM me for more info

Prices may vary depending upon the project, quality, quantity, and demand.


  • Discord: Raze#2178 (New account)
  • Devforum
  • Twitter: @razeskii

Timezone: EST

I am most active on discord and I prefer if you contact me there. Just send me a friend request and I’ll surely add you back as soon as possible.