[OPEN] [RBX/USD] Hiring Experienced Scripter!

Hey there,

We’re Luxury, Inc, a Roblox group focused on the development of the tycoon game ‘Private Island Tycoon’.

We’re searching for a scripter who has big experience with fixing potential memory leaks, optimizing and checking on performance. As you’ll notice, the game stays on 800mb+ usage, when it should be around 500/600+. We have big investors behind us who are ready to make this game a new hit once performance issues are gone, so expect to also get a benefit from that!

Robux, Bitcoin, Ethereum, PayPal: Amount would be decided prior. [Longterm Commission]

If you think you’re the right fit, please contact us via Discord Anthony#0666, or DM me directly through the DevForums.

Thank you!

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