[OPEN] | Realistic weapon modeler For hire(comms and long term)

Hello there! , I’m a self self-taught 3D artist, I work mainly on guns, but can also make props, armor, etc…
I’ve had about ~ 1+ year of modeling in blender and am familiar with both modern and sci-fi style, I work with mid poly style.

Below I’ve got a few examples of my work!
I can adjust my work based on the amount of tris limited to.




Armor, Vehicles and melee

I work approximately 8 hours every day all day of the week unless something comes up, So I can finish assets every quickly if needed, My timezone is GMT+7

Currently only accepting USD via PayPal, If you wish to only commission a few guns then you can contact me to get a quote that is based on what you want and it’s complexity. For hired work, we’ll have to discuss that.

Discord - MB_Sniper#0657

You can check my Twitter and Artstation for more examples of my work.

Twitter- https://twitter.com/MBSniper1
Artstation- https://www.artstation.com/mb_sniper

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