[OPEN] | Road Network Designer


Greetings! I’m currently looking for a commissioned builder or map designer to make a road network with pre-existing road models I made. There is an existing prototyping center with routes and types of roads for you to use.

This game will be a county roleplay game where you can drive cars and roleplay. The game is already planned and the tech is already made, so the only thing we need right now is someone to build a road network.

Prototyping Centre: Lake County Prototyping Centre - Roblox


You will have to be a map designer or an experienced builder. You will also need to have experience with roads and how to map out a big road network. You will need to pick locations, put them on a map and be able to make them look good.


Up to 8000 Robux dependants on the quality and how efficiently the final product is completed.


Adaxer#2630, or apply here: Road Network Designer - Talent Hub (roblox.com)


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