[OPEN] Rocket Heat Studios is looking for Scripters

Hello Everyone

My name is iRequireSomeLasagna, but Lasagna is perfectly OK, and I am the current Head of Marketing of Rocket Heat Studios (RHS). On any other day, our owner/my boss would be creating this message. Development on our current project however has made that not possible, so I have been requested to do it for him.

This post will tell you everything you need to know before application as a scripter such as requirements, factors that will increase your chances of acception, the people you will work with, the type of content we produce, and whatever else we can give you. This information is condensed for your viewing pleasure. If you have any question that is unanswered in this post/decide to apply, please feel free to contact our owner who’s discord information will be linked below. Now… let’s begin.

The Game

A Story about Fate, an RHS production, is an RPG game somewhat based around the manga/anime series known as Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures. The game will see players exploring a vast map, completely quests for fellow npcs on a deserted island, fight for glory in a very large arena utilizing their powers, exploring vast lands for the purpose of unlocking their stand, and much more. The game prides itself on being 100% skill-based meaning, unlike the other JoJo games on the platform right now, there is zero RNG involved in combat and stand acquisition. We also pride ourselves on our major originality in our storyline, NPCs, and settings. Opting to solely use most of the powers of the stands in the series and make everything else out own. Extra details may be provided by our owner upon request.
Some examples of the quality we produce (and will likely expect to be reflected in your work) are below
image A simple backpack

Stand selection
The Combat help desk
Better shot of the help desk
image The Arena

  • A minimum of 1 year of experience
  • Respect towards those you work with
  • Minimum of 1 hour per day put into the project (if something comes up we can work with that)
Extra Factors (Not required but increases your chances of acception)
  • Background programming combat systems with many moving parts
  • Background coding RPG elements
  • Background with code optimization
  • Background working with large, high-quality builds
  • Background developing anime-based games
  • Other group owners who can vouch for your quality/legitimacy

The Studio will pay you a predetermined amount of Robux per every task you complete for the studio. The amount you are paid is solely dependant on your programming skill. USD payment is, currently, not possible. We also offer a % amount of our games revenue if you wish, which can go up to a 50/50 split with 50% going to you.

The Team

You will be working with the following people during the development of any game we create.

Modeler, Animator, Mapmaker, Building Designer, GUI artist, current VFX artist: Red, owner of the studio.
Scripter: Vacant


If you have read all of the above and feel you can fit our requirements of a scripter, then that’s great! Please send a friend request/contact ★ Red#8434 and let him know about your interest in developing for our studio. Feel free to contact him whenever, and don’t hesitate because of your timezone. Red is always open for dms and will speak to you when he gets the chance.
Thats all for today people, I wish you all luck and I will see you all on the other side.
Have a good day

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