[OPEN] Russian & Ukrainian Translator

:bust_in_silhouette: About Me

Hey, I’m Artemiy. An experienced Russian and Ukrainian translator, and a member of the roblox community since 2017. I am a native speaker and I’ve been learning English almost my entire life, allowing me to say that I’m your best option. I always focus on my service at you and always try to do things on time, so expect me to be highly dedicated to my work.

:question: Why should you translate your game into Russian and Ukrainian?

  • Recently the Russian and Ukrainian community on roblox has been growing, as more YouTubers have appeared.
  • By looking at this thread you can see that russian is mostly in the top 10 countries by gameplay.

:ok_hand: Showcase

Here are some examples of my abilities


There's a secret blue bush hidden somewhere, but where?


Где-то спрятан синий куст, но где?


Десь захований синій кущ, але де?

:video_game: Games I’ve translated

:dollar: Payment

  • :exclamation: All prices are negotiable, please DM me for details!
Name :robux_light: Robux :credit_card: PayPal :heavy_division_sign: Percentage
Game Page 100 Robux N/A Depends
String 75 Robux N/A Depends
Product (Pass/Badge) 20 Robux N/A Depends

Contact me for negotiation if you wish to pay in Game Percentage !

:telephone_receiver: Contact info

:incoming_envelope: Discord: Za1tsev#2027
:globe_with_meridians: DevForum: @1xJK
:roblox_light: Roblox: 1xJK

That’s all, thank you for reading! :smile:

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