[OPEN] - SCP Foundation - Scripter Wanted


Hi there! I’m Quinnicious, or Quinn for short. I’m one of the group’s managers and we’re looking for a talented scripter to help out at Administrator_Mr’s SCP Foundation. Whilst I cannot disclose the specific tasks you will be working on, I can disclose the general field they will be in, which will be detailed below.

About Us

We’re one of the top three SCPF groups within the genre, consisting of a flourishing community base containing 200,000+ members. As expected, it can often be difficult to keep up with the many suggestions our community would like implementing, so this is why we’re looking to expand the team. Within the Manufacturing Department (which is the division that consists of developers), we’re like a family. We joke around, but when it comes down to work, we get down to business - but also lending a hand to anyone that requires it.

About The Job

We’re looking for a scripter who has a strong knowledge in the areas of ModuleScripts, OOP, performance, efficiency and has a good set of standards when it comes down to development. These are absolutely critical when it comes down to our group, as we want the ability for our codebase to be built upon and give players the best possible experience. Some examples of the type of tasks you will be given are:

  • Creating SCPs (models with specific mysterious properties, such as slow down effects that are applied to a character upon touch, etc).
  • The development of frontend/backend systems, by the use of our framework/libraries and/or expanding upon it.

Good communication skills are a must, and we frequently check in to ensure steady progress is being made.


  • 14 or older (preferably, 16+);
  • Be of the legal working age in accordance with your local law;
  • 2+ years of development experience, at least 6 months of them specifically on Roblox;
  • Undeniable proficiency within the field of scripting;
  • The ability to sign a legally-binding contract (consisting mostly of non-disclosure clauses). If you are under 18, your legal guardian will have to sign as well.


We pay on a per-task basis. Payment per task will be agreed upon with yourself before you accept the task. Payments are only offered in Robux.


Interested in the opportunity? Awesome! Please direct message me here on the Developer Forum with a portfolio of any pieces of work you have previously created. We will get back to you with an outcome within 2 weeks (14 days).


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