[Open] Scripter For Hire

I am offering Services as a scripter, I could make possibly anything you need. I prefer to not do alot of data storage although I can if needed. I am looking for quick commissions not a full time job.

This was a recent comission I did I did not do any of the 3D modeling or building I did however script it to were when you click a button your character changes to the mech, a hotkey when you press e you get a gui asking if you would like to eject from the mech, if you eject it detonates and you parachute back down, it also has a boosted jump, if you die as the mech it auto detonates, etc this is my most recent comission.



I am usually available all the time.

I prefer being payed per asset

You can contact me on here or on discord Nani#9966


Iā€™m interested, sent you a request on discord.

just recently made this snake with pathfinding But you rigged and animated it lol


taking commissions today. if anyone needs anything dm me

Looking for some comms for a little bit today if anyone needs anything

open for short term comissions again today.



some recent additions to my portfolio

Looking for scripting commissions today so I can update my portfolio