[OPEN] [Scripter] Hiring outstanding magic scripters

About The Job

We are in need of scripters that have experience in making amazing magic type moves. I have been scripting the moves so far, but I need to start shifting my focus on scripting other aspects of the game, so we are looking for a few other scripters to join the team to purely focus on magic. All assets such as animations, parts, particles, and anything else needed will be provided for you. We have a system set up for moves so you would just need to add your code to our module. You can do as many sets as you would like and potentially earn over $R 100,000. Below are some examples of magic currently in game.

Magic Examples







One set usually takes me 3-7 days so you will be expected to perform within that period of time.


We are paying $R10,000 - $R15,000 per a set of 5 moves.

Contact Us

You can contact me either through my dms or discord.

Notice: Please only apply if you are able to create moves up to par with my examples or better.


The scripter is not required to animate character moment. All assets are already made.

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We are still in need of scripters, please contact me!

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Do you require mobile/game pad support for this, or are you looking for strictly the moves themselves? Also in a previous reply I see that the hired programmer would not need to animate which is nice.

Do you already have the moves planned out and they just need to be programmed? Just trying to clarify some of the information.

The environment you will be using is already mobile supported. We design the moves for you but we also let you pitch in some ideas that way the scripter can contribute to the design of his creation.

We are still in need of scripters, please contact me! [2]

I’m in my guy, just contact me and it’ll be done 3-4 days less! :ok_hand:

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Contacting someone who’s giving you work usually goes the other way around…


I had thought the same thing, seeing as I put where to contact me :sweat:

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