[Open] scripter: sgtorange17

Who am I?

Hello! I am Orange, and I am offering my time on Roblox as a scripter. As the title says, I am a scripter! I started in July of 2020. I have been working from the get go and I have had no prior scripting knowledge (I didn’t even know anybody who scripted!). I can do a lot of things now, and I am proud about how much I have learned over the months.


Video courses I have finished (Had to remove personal info!):

Roblox Advanced coding course (Udemy)

Game Design with Roblox (Level 2 Coding)-- Ages 9-13 (Outschool)

Set Learning Free: Let kids' curiosity run wild with classes and groups on any topic you can imagine.

Multiple YouTube playlists (how I started)

Games I have worked on:
So far I have one game that I have worked on for a client: Save the bacon hair BETA 1.1 (BROKEN) - Roblox

Personal games are here:

My scripting showcases

My Little world [RTG] - Roblox
Temid Bay Convoy Ship Testing - Roblox
Sieben Beach Music system - Roblox

Some things I can script:

What I can script
  • Leaderstats
  • Datastores
  • Boats
  • Tools
  • Tween service
  • Gamepasses
  • Trails
  • Raycasting (New version)
  • Music playlist
  • Guns
What I can't script
  • nothing lol


I am ready to work when ever, I have a large schedule most of the time so I do appreciate a one day notice. I can be reached after 9am eastern time to 11pm eastern time on week days, and any time on weekends. Days of the week for work are shown below:

Hours each day

Mon - 3 hrs
Tue - 0 hrs (non negotiable unless compensated)
Wed - 3 hrs
Thr - 3 hrs
Fri - 4 hrs
Sat - 4 hrs (depends on job)
Sun - 4 hrs (depends on job)


Lowest I can go: 1k Robux or 3 dollars
Highest I will charge: 10k Robux or 30 dollars


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum, Discord, or Roblox!

Discord: space rocc#5556

Roblox: sgtorange17

Thanks for reading and I will have pictures and videos uploaded very soon! :love_you_gesture:

Summary of Portfolio
  • I learned from scratch
  • I have high quality experience
  • I can script enough for most projects
  • Read my contact info to learn more about contact options!

Good luck man, hope you get hired

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Thanks, I am trying to get better at scripting, I hope you are successful too!

I’m also trying to get better at scripting. You know way more than me, the best I can do is create complex bomb scripts.

Cool, I would invest in a Udemy course, they really really helped me! I can give you a couple links if you want.

Hope you get hired, you seem like a cool dude!


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Thanks! I really like scripting and I hope you have a good day!

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If you have any questions on scripting just send me a PM, and I’ll try to help!


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Wow, thanks I do have some questions about some things, thank you! (I have school rn but I will message you later)

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Open again for commissions everybody!