[Open] Scripter

About Me

Hi there!, I am a scripter that worked for many games, I can try to script everything that you tell me, The most famous games that i worked are: [:flying_saucer:THE RETURN​:flying_saucer:] Pet Hatching Simulator 5 - Roblox, [:trophy:FREE OP PET​:trophy:]Hatching Masters - Roblox, :rotating_light:Revamp​:rotating_light: Ultra Hatching Legends! - Roblox, [:boom: FREE SECRET​:boom:]Secret Hatching Simulator - Roblox.


I am available for eight hours of work. You can contact me any time.


Prices are negotiable, I accept pay per asset. The cost per asset is 1k-50k robux.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord: ADeveloperZ#0001

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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Then make roblox in roblox. You should be able to do that

Jokes aside, no one can script everything since there are unlimited stuff that you can script. No one will truly know everything about programming.

Also how long have you been scripting for? Just saying that you can script everything looks like a scam.

How many games exactly? You should give some examples alongside with the link to your game

That is overpriced for me. I don’t think i will hire someone to make a chair for 1k robux

Eitherway your portfolio needs some improvements


for everything I mean that I know how to script everything with the lua, and for the games I created 20 of which 4 became famous.

Thats still the same thing. You can’t script everything in lua

And again, you should tell games that you worked on since i just saw that you worked on a game with 5 mil visits

Could you link us the games you made?

The most famous games that i worked are: [🌟X4 EVENT!🌟] Pet Hatching Simulator 5 - Roblox, [💰Use Code FreeOPCoins💰] Hatching Masters - Roblox, [😱 X2 😲] Ultra Hatching Legends - Roblox, [🌠FREE X999,999,999T+ PET🎆] Secret Hatching - Roblox

hey, id love if you’d take % ?

if i have all my assets made, would you be able to develop my whole simple simulator game for 3-5k robux? sorry if thats not a lot of robux, i’m new to pricing commissions, i also don’t have a lot of robux to spend.