*OPEN* Scripting, Building and UI Designer

About Me

Hi! I am LyonoskioWGF. I have developed for 1 year. I love scripting, Building and designing UIs.
I can script almost everything, build almost everything and also design all kinds of UIs.


Current jobs.
  • I am the Co-Founder at [UK] Delta Airways (Developing for it)
  • I develop for a tech group, called FastTech
  • I develop for Blackford Correctional Facility (I’m ranked Deputy Administrator)
  • I am the Head Developer at Sunset Cafe.
  • I am the owner of a group where I have been the only developer for a while.
  • I also develop for myself.
Past jobs.

Currently I have no past jobs!


I have created a game where I put my commission and some of my models. Join this game to view them: REMAKING SHOWCASE GAME


I am available for most of the day.
I will always be able to answer Direct Messages.
I work when I want or developing can start to bore me.
I most likely develop 3 or 4 (or even more, depends on the days) hours each day.
Warning: I am in CET. I live in Italy, so I may have different times from you.


Payment is in Robux or Items.

  • For scripting, depends on the commission. It can go from 10 to 300 Robux, prices are negotiable.

Not always available as payment method.

Long Term job Payment
If you want to pay me for a long term job, payment will be discussed in Direct Messages.


When ordering something from me, you must follow some rules.
If you violate those rules, you will be blacklisted from ordering again from me and you will be reported to Roblox Company.

Rules: LyonoskioWGF | Ordering Rules - Google Docs


Are you interested in purchasing?
Here how to contact me!

  • Discord: LyonoskioWGF#0999

Thanks for the attention!
Have a nice day! :grinning:


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LyonoskioWGF is great scripter and leader. He is leading developers in my group. Also he is motivating them. If you are looking for scripter, builder or ui designing then here it is!

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I will look into this when I do require another dev!

I am always here!