[OPEN] Scripting Portfolio

Hello, I am a 15 year old scripter. I specialise in many different aspects of scripting such as: Pet, Stats, Inventory systems and more, Loading screens, Camera work, UI animations and much more! I mainly strive to make my work look as high quality and smooth as possible. I do not specialise in CFrames, Abilities, Moving Parts etc.

Camera Animation

Egg Opening System

Inventory System

Loading Screen

Loading_Screen.wmv (560.1 KB)

NPC Chat System / Quest System

Shop System (Camera Animations)

Teleport Animation

I am available whenever but keep in mind I have school and other things going on (Other outside of school activities) . So preferably commissions but otherwise if it is long term it may take a while.

I mainly take robux but I can take percentages depending on how the game looks and my opinion on it. 5,000+ for commissions but 20,000+ for multiple tasks, depending on difficulty I can raise the price. Note: I would appreciate if payment was first after I show you the work I produced. After you paid I will hand over the work. I do not take $.

You can contact me on any of these:
Discord: Chin#3970 (Preferably)
Roblox: daN_1elx
DevForum and Talent Hub

Heres the link to the actual portfolio: https://sites.google.com/view/dan-1elx-chin-portfolio/home

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