[OPEN] Searching for developers and managers of all kind!

About the job

Hello! I am thomas666666666666666, alias DoctorDaDutch. I am wanting to start a project with a group of eager developers. You do not have to be extremely experienced, as I would like the group to start small, with perhaps developing small tycoons and/or obbies to start of and eventually upgrading to an open-world RPG similair to World // Zero (minus the worlds) and Wynncraft.

Currently you should see this as a side-project whilst you continue other projects, but as we grow bigger you should start dedicating more time towards this.

Multiple developers can be in the same job, like 2 builders even though this post doesn’t specifically say that. You can of course fill multiple jobs.

The Team
Building / Modelling / Animation
@thomas666666666666 - Creative Director (Builder / Modeller / Environmental Design)
@couldbeyou - Builder
@couldbeyou - Modeller
@couldbeyou - Animator
@couldbeyou - Pupil (I will try to teach you the basics of blender/studio)

Scripting / GUI
@couldbeyou - Technical Director (Scripter or UI or Animation)
@couldbeyou - Scripter
@couldbeyou - GUI


You must be at least 13 years old.
You must have a discord account.

Builder - Know how to build in blender or a similair 3d workspace and studio, including texturing (These can be the built-in studio textures).
Modeller - Know how to model in blender or a similair 3d workspace, including texturing (These can be the built-in studio textures).
Animator - Know how to animate and rig models in any workspace which are compatible with studio.

Technical Director - Know how to lead and script/make a GUI. Will be chosen by me.
Scripter - Know how to decently script lua, you are expected to learn as time goes on, as our first games will likely not include much scripting.
GUI Maker - Know how to make and preferably script an artistic GUI in roblox studio.


Since this is seen as a side project, I will be paying in percentages. If there are mutliple of the same job the percantages will be changed accordingly:

Creative Director - 13%
Builder - 13%
Modeller - 13%
Technical Director - 13%
Scripter - 13%
GUI designer - 9%

Contact Us

You can contact me here on the developer or on discord: DoctorDaDutch#4405. If you are in the Roblox Discord Server you can simply ping me and DM me if I don’t accept your friend request quickly.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


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