[OPEN] SecureService | Ranking Services & Many more! [MONTHLY] [SERVING 100k+ Users!]

Per month, since it is common in the roblox community. You should make it clear that it is lifetime.

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Edited the post to clear that up, Thank you for the feedback.

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Alright, when you wish to order, just open a ticket in the server.


And about the UI’s, im waiting on my UI guy to get back from his holiday to complete the new ones, Once I recieve them they will be upload on here.

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Just wanna say, Billy definitely knows what he’s talking about. Been working with him for almost 3ish weeks now.


Lifetime payments honestly aren’t worth it. I’d recommend monthly or yearly so you have a dependable, constant source of income.

May I send you a message on the Developer Forum about the Ranking Center?

Sure, you can send a PM anytime, (Prefered Method is Discord, but I will read PMs on here, just may take longer.

Alright, I will get you on discord. What is your tag if I may ask?

I already searched on your profile but wasn’t able to find it.

My Discord tag is : BillyH#8170

I can vouch for Billy. He’s very flexible, and despite limited payment options on my side, he’s been very helpful throughout the process. I highly recommend Billy to anybody looking for an affordable center, as he is by far the best choice in the Roblox community as of now.

Am I able to get a rank center with multiple applications? If so, what cost?

Do you mean App Center?

30 Chars

I think so. Yeah. Application center

SecureService is great. I work for the CMB | The Universal Union group linked above. We purchased a ranking bot from @BillyHkoa and he’s been super helpful and efficient in our communications regarding the ranking bot. Pricing is super affordable, and the money spent has been worth it.

Not sure how there are petty complaints about pricing or service here. Both aspects have been great for us.

Thank you @BillyHkoa for everything you’ve done so far.

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Thanks for the review, I have enjoyed working with you and Benefactor!

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UPDATE: The Service is currently now taking orders, Most of the changes have been made (Mainly backend). Prices havnt changed yet. New Items are coming soon!

Billy and his team are the best thing that happened to me. I run many large groups and his Secure APIs work for them all all for such a Cheap price!
Rating: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

Just purchased the system, just waiting on my key & domain. I’ll be sure to leave a good review once I see it functions well! Excited to see the results.

Bot works great, love the log system! Billy was great with letting me know how everything works, explained everything perfectly and worked with me well on setting it up. I’ll definitely be using this a lot in the future.