[OPEN] Seeking a VFX / Weapon Mesher For Anime Based Game [USD]


Hello, I am looking for two or more meshers to commission regularly for an anime-based game. If you can perform both jobs competently, feel free to also apply for both. The idea for the game is still very conceptional, so I will only be requesting simple stuff for the VFX artist for now, some nice anime-style slash effects specifically.

While the payments listed include robux, I strongly prefer USD as my robux source is restrained to my account rather than a group-- preventing me from doing group payouts.

VFX Artist
I would like the mesh to be crescent shaped, but obviously I am not expecting a simple single crescent shaped mesh as I could make the myself. Some examples are provided below.

Some examples for the slash effects that I would like done:

Any of these styles would be acceptable. I have seen it done to beautiful effect on Roblox, but I was unable to track down the references,I hope the above examples will suffice.

[Payment will be 5$/Robux equivalent for these.]

Weapon Mesher [CLOSED]

I would like the following weapons meshed.

[Only the scyhte, search RWBY, ruby’s scythe for additional reference]

[Gauntlets should be designed around the Roblox default cube like arms]
[Search RWBY’ yang’s gauntlets for additional reference]

[Both the sheath and blade]
[Search RWBY Blake’s Weapon for additional reference]

[Payment will be 10$-20$ / Robux equivalent each.]

Please message me on discord at Wisp#5965 with some examples of your past work/subject you are interested in and expected dates.

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