[OPEN] Shard Interactive is looking for a team!

About Us

Hey! We’re Shard Interactive, an upcoming game development team. Our goal is to make entertaining games for our community to enjoy! We are very interested in hiring an experienced developer team so we can make every one of our games become possible. While money is still very important, we are very intrigued by making new friendships along the way. We may be very inexperienced with Roblox Studio, however, we’re dedicated, hardworking, mature, and friendly people.

About The Job

We are currently looking to hire experienced 3D modelers, scripters, UI designers, GFX designers, and animators for Shard Interactive, mainly because we plan on making a new MMO-RPG game! It’s also preferred that you have good communication skills, speak fluent English, aren’t working on any other projects, and have a discord account. We manage the company every day and are extremely interactive (no pun intended) with our community.

Our Game

Our team has been dedicated to completing our MMO-RPG project. Although we cannot talk much about it here, it will have all the fun aspects of an MMO-RPG game, without the “p2w” aspects of a simulator game.


We are paying a % of the revenue acquired from the game. We currently don’t have any Robux so this would possibly be the best method of payment for us.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum, on twitter @RiptideMamba, or on discord @Riptide#9238. Thank you for reading this post, and we hope you have a very, wonderful day.

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I am interested I am a animator and builder! @Clxzed#8551

I’ve removed the tag from your title–that’s what the “optional tags” section is for. :slight_smile:

Do we still get paid something if the game flops and gets no robux ?

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