[Open] Silent Anarchy is hiring a scripter! (7k, negotiable!)

About Us

Hey there! We are Silent Anarchy. An upcoming fun action knife-gun game. We are interested in an advanced scripter that can adhere to our style/needs. We have a discord with over 70 members.
The Team
@Luxorz - Map + prop builder
@Czmics - Owner & dev
@Stealth1705 - Dev
@LiveDrip - Dev
@possiblyyou - Scripter

Our game isn’t released yet however we have 3 ready maps and more underway.

About The Job

We are looking for a professional scripter. The job is likely to be short but we may be interested in hiring you in the future or fulltime depending on your skill and personality :smiley:

An example of the scripts we would like is Arsenal or MM2.


We are paying robux through group funds. Our payment is very negotiable but we are looking to pay 7k for all scripts (we do not need a lot.)

Contact Us

You can contact me here on the DevForum or you can contact the owner’s discord at Czmic [Adam Water]#1031 and my discord is asher#3785 in case you can’t contact the owner.
Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

Would you like a GUI designer if so I would be interested.

we may be interested. please contact the owners disc

I am interested. You can contact me @RazorBladedino117#5440 on Discord.

Hi there. Please add the discord provided above. Discord is required. Thanks

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