{OPEN} Simulator Development Team Needed

About Us

Hello! I am MuhhMan22, I am making a Simulator game by the name of Cheese Eating Simulator, the basics of the game are mostly done and the game is nearly ready to be released for beta testing. The only problem is that almost all my developers slowly retired over the course of the last few weeks.

About The Job

We are looking for

  • Scripter: You will need to be able to script, fix some bugs, and create a few semi - simple maybe some hard features.

  • Builder: You will need to be able to build a nice simulator map which is a good size, even for small/big people.

  • Modeler: You need to model tools which are cheese related foods and items for us to put in the game.


As of now there is no payments, but I do feel this will become a great project and we can make some robux from it. I also have quite a few places for ads and have a decent amount of robux to put into advertising.

Contact Us

You can apply following these steps:

  1. Join this server: Cheesy Productions

  2. Ping me in #general

  3. Once I give you a role, there will be a channel at the top(#dev-application)

  4. Apply using this format:
    Rank applying for:
    Previous works:

  5. I will DM you if you are chosen!(Please wait a few days)

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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