[OPEN] SkyWolf studios is hiring developers!

About Us

Hello everyone, my name is Flauschi_XD or just Flauschi and im a scripter, Enviromental designer and Founder of SkyWolf Studios. With this post i want to give another oppertunity to join our team. We are a small group of people which goal is to go beyond our current knowledge and get better at the stuff we do. Our focus is on games that are not pay to win and people can enjoy.

The Team

@Flauschi_XD - Manager
@saile515 - Leading Scripter/Project Manager
@adavlaCZ - Leading Builder
@DevNetCheese - Activity Overseer/Composer
@ReturnedTrue - Scripter
@Ap_inity - Scripter
@rhysypiece340 - Builder
@Nerfuus - Builder
@Ap_inity - Builder
@ScytheSlayin - Animator
@(open) - UI Designer
@(open) - GFX designer
@TacoCato7 - Artist
@IAmRealTank - Modeler

About The Job

We would hire everyone for the entire Studio and not just only for one project. The Studio is currently working on a Simulator/Exploration mixed game called scuba diving sim. We are currently looking for a good UI designer and a GFX Designer. We await from every applicant some activity and focus on the project. We also only take people with a decent experience. Please dont waste our time and join the team only to be inactive for two weeks or so.

About The Game

Its a underwater diving simulator where you have to collect stuff like scrap and sell it for money, you can then invest the money into better equipment or pets.
I dont want to give out much information and will give out more to successful applicants.


We are paying a percentage depending on your work in R$ or USD. I prefer using grouppayout or paysafecards.
Here is a little list, how i plan to pay people from a pot of percentage:

21% for upcoming projects
Project manager (their leading role +2%)
Leading devs (their role +2%)
Scripter (33%)
Builder (31%)
3D Modeller (7%)
Artists (will be paid after release with R$)
Sound Makers (will be paid after release with R$)
Animators (will be paid after release with R$)

Contact Us

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord:
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you soon in our team! :slight_smile:


Hey there! Are you looking for animators?

We already have an animator! Sorry!

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Do you have a game designer? Or need one at least?

What do you mean by game designer?

What do you mean by game-designer?

Please show proof of your work and we will get back to you.

I mean somebody who designs systems maps etc.

You mean like building, we already have a builder, unless we might need one more @Flauschi_XD ? Sorry! :confused:

I think those are two different things XD @Jackman13799 Please show proof of your work.

Uhhh can be a builder, and help with game design?

I think we are good, we have a lot of builders, and game designer sounds the same as builder, (how you described it)

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Here is a good video https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=kq8D2YyviGU

We in our team are all game designers since we each have a part to design the game from builder, animator to modelers and scripters


Please note that we are NOT looking for other Dev’s only Ul Designer and GFX Designer are left So if you want to full those two spots dm @Flauschi_XD

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