[OPEN] slayers rising hiring animator ! 30k+ budget

About us:

Hello there! We are a group of developers making a game. The game is about the anime demon slayer, and we’re looking for a Animator,So far we are still developing the game, but advancing at a fast rate. We’re doing pretty good with having such a nice and hyped community supporting us. We have recently gotten an investor so we can straight pay you or do revenue, the choice is yours.


You are above the age of 13
Confident and experienced in your animations. You must be able to animate mobs, fighting animations with fists and weapons. Your animations must be good and smooth.please contact me on the forum or discord ! Must also have previous work and an portfolio!


Negotiable - Percentage with backup payment or direct/straight pay for each task you perform. If you choose Robux you’ll get paid per animation. 1k or 2k+ per animation.


Discord: X²AliUltimate#3750
Devform Direct Message
this is the group link

Here’s the game link

Heres a little extra thing for anyone interested, heres our current mesher’s work to give you an idea of the tier/grade of work our newer devs can do: https://twitter.com/DevChinma/status/1210802476015706112


I already sent you the discord request .My name of Discord is: Nicolás DEV # 4794

I am open here is my portfolio My (PORTFOLIO) I specialize in everything My discord is Developerboi#1682

Still open, looking for commissioning a animator !

Would love to! My Discord is Node Modules#6998, sent you an FR and also DMed

I sent you a request, I am Shim

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