Open Source Animations?

I have a game for lightsabers which I want to make open source for the public, however when other people try getting the lightsabers, the animations don’t seem to go with the tool.

I’ve tried searching for ways but can’t seem to find any other solution than to import the animations by myself manually for other people.

Is there any way to make animations open source so that I don’t have to import it by myself manually?

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What are you using to play the animation?

If you mean what plug-in I’m using, I’m using Moon Suite Animator.

Doesn’t it let you put it into a folder on export? It gets placed in workspace.

Could you probably elaborate more on this?

When you export, it makes a folder of your exported animation. You can send that to the people who need the animation as they can just export it from Explorer.

Watch this tutorial then try to make it open sourced.

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Export the animation then publish it to roblox.