[OPEN SOURCE] Free DataStore Editor Plugin!

I know that feature of studio. But I didn’t want to implement it.
By the way the bug is fixed! I didn’t published the right version LOL.


thanks :smiley:
its better not having to deal with data stores… also it would’ve fixed the problem in that plugin lol

you didnt update it lol its still the old version…

Plus, please don’t share any part of the source code of the plugin here.
If you find any bugs in the CODE please send it to me in private message!
I know, anybody can view the source code, but I don’t like to see it here.

I published it. Maybe it takes some time to update!

Updates for plugins tend to take up around 30 minutes.

Oh, thanks, it just showed up.

Hm oof. It’s still broken. Except with way more errors now…

Now it suddenly started working again, so nvm.


Roblox is strange sometimes :smile:


What is wrong with sharing the source of the plugin here?

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Nothing much. I just don’t like to see my codes in the public. :wink:

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Yeah, but anyone can get the source code anyway :man_shrugging:


I know, I just don’t like to see my codes in the public! That’s all.

And now, use the replies section to report bugs/ideas!


1 Last thing, I would recommend only allowing the plugin code to run if it’s on the Server / Editing.
You can use RunService for that;

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Done! I added so the plugin only runs if it’s Edit mode. Thanks for the help!

Have a good day!


This must be because you have already published the place

Do what they said then publish this to the game as data stores don’t save in studio (as often I think).

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Plugin breaks with table values, please fix

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Can you show me some errors, please?

It shouldn’t break.

I banned myself and yet when I tried to view the ban information from the editor, it showed up as an empty table

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Are you sure, you entered the key’s name right?

Yes, I entered the correct key

Hmm, no errors, nothing? Well, there are two options then:

  • The banned players list is a dictionary(the plugin can’t handle it).
  • You entered something wrong.

The plugin always works fine for me.
Try re-installing the plugin.

Yea it’s a dictionary, though I like to call them tables