[Open Source] Gear Utility

Hey bro, this is awesome. I have a question though. Why do the motorcycles all spawn on a SpawnLocation? And then when you dismount the motorcycles, no matter where you are on a map, it teleports you to the SpawnLocation it spawned on… but glitched into it.

What’s all that about? And how can we fix this?


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Oh yeah i’ll have a look into it

Hey, some gears that use projectiles like the HypnoGun still do not work. Besides that, this is a great plugin.

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thank you! I’ve been super busy lately and haven’t got the time to look into these gears (and i kept forgetting when I’m free)

Huh, it’s literally open source as you can see and it’s not my fault, I’m sorry that your account got banned though but I’m pretty sure the plugin itself is not dangerous.

Maybe try contacting Roblox support to find the real reason why your account got deleted and try appealing

this could just be my computer, but after 3 attempts, 30 gears failed to upload