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Hey Developers! I recently made a Module to help with Managing Plots because I wanted to experiment with making Public Modules, and I decided to release it because why not!


First of all lets go into what this Module has to offer:

Read Variables:
	PlotService.Plots | Table   | Returns all Existing Plots
	Plot.Occupant     | Player   | Returns Player or nil
	Plot.Occupied     | Bool	    | Returns Bool
	Plot.PlotObject   | Instance | Returns Plot Object
	Plot.PlotID       | Int 	    | Returns PlotID
	Plot.Allowed      | Table    | Returns table with Allowed Players
	Plot.Blacklisted  | Table    | Returns table with Blacklisted Players
	Plot.OccupantChanged:Connect(function(newOccupied , newOccupant) - Fires when Occupant is changed
							   NOTE: This does not fire when manually setting .Occupant and .Occupied!
Constructor: - Creates a new Plot with a PlotObject plot
	Plot:Occupy(Player)		 - Sets Occupant of the Plot to Player
	Plot:UnOccupy()			 - Sets Occupant of the Plot to nil (Resets Allowed & Blacklisted Tables)
	Plot:Allow(Player)  	 - Adds Player to Plot Allowed Table
	Plot:UnAllow(Player)	 - Removes Player from Plot Allowed Table
	Plot:Blacklist(Player)   - Adds Player to Plot Blacklist Table
	Plot:UnBlacklist(Player) - Removes Player from Plot Blacklist Table
	PlotService.GetPlotByPlayer(Player)		  	  | Plot  | Returns Plot with the Occupant Player or nil
	PlotService.GetPlotByPlotObject(PlotObject)   | Plot  | Returns Plot with PlotObject PlotObject or nil
	PlotService.GetPlayerByPlotObject(PlotObject) | Plot  | Returns Occupant of Plot with PlotObject PlotObject or nil
	PlotService.GetPlotByID(ID)   				  | Plot  | Returns Plot with a PlotID ID or nil
	PlotService.GetActivePlots()  				  | Table | Returns all Plots in use
	PlotService.GetAvailablePlots()  			  | Table | Returns all Plots not in use

Use Cases

This Module requires you to have some scripting experience in Order to use it, but it basically just lets you make a Plot System without much work required. It includes pretty much everything you need for basic Plots. An example script could be:

local PlotService = require(game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage").PlotService) -- require the Module
local PlotObjects = workspace.Plots -- Folder with Parts in them

for _,PlotObject in pairs(PlotObjects:GetChildren()) do -- Loop through all the Parts in the Folder and create a new Plot for it
	Plot =
	PlotObject.Name = Plot.PlotID -- Set the Name of the Part to the Plots ID (just for looks)

for _,Plot in pairs(PlotService.Plots) do -- loop through all Plots
	Plot.PlotObject.Touched:Connect(function(hit) -- check if someone touches it
		local Player = game.Players:GetPlayerFromCharacter(hit.Parent) -- get the Player that touched it
		if (Player and not Plot.Occupied) then
			local ExistingPlot = PlotService.GetPlotByPlayer(Player) -- check if the Player already has a Plot
			if (ExistingPlot and ExistingPlot ~= Plot and ExistingPlot.Occupied) then -- if they have one then Reset it
				ExistingPlot.PlotObject.Name = ExistingPlot.PlotID
				ExistingPlot.PlotObject.Color = Color3.fromRGB(255,255,255)
			Plot:Occupy(Player) -- Give them the Plot they touched
			Plot.PlotObject.Name = Plot.Occupant.Name
			Plot.PlotObject.Color = Color3.fromRGB(50,50,50)

		print(newOccupied,newOccupant) -- Prints whenever the Plots Occupant is changed

You could also make a script randomly assign a Plot when a Player joins using math.random and PlotService.GetAvailablePlots() together with PlotService.Plots to get a random Plot!


You can get the Module here:

End Note

Thank you for reading this, remember that this is my first Public Module so any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!


Yeeeeessssss! I always spend so much time making my own plot system, but this will save me so much time! I do have a question. When you do ‘:GetPlotByPlayer(Player)` do we fire with the player? Or do we use player.Name. Regardless, this is an amazing module! Thank you so much!

Thank you for your Feedback! :slight_smile: And yes, for the .GetPlotByPlayer() function you have to use the Player Instance, although I can add Support for Player Names (If its really neccecary). Also, make sure to use a dot ( . ) Instead of a Colon ( : ) for this function as its apart of the Module itself and not the Plot Class.

Ah. Thanks! I don’t think it’s super necessary to add support for names. If I’m adding .Name I can easily not.

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