[OPEN SOURCE] Redefine:A | An NxEngine-based Admin System

Is this still getting updates???

Yes, the admin is getting updates on a weekly basis. Sometimes daily when a lot of bugs are reported at once. In fact, new features are coming out as well. I have recently added an error log and Light Mode.


Can we change the prefix tho? Since I am not used to using the prefix Redefine uses

It’s actually very easy to change the prefix. Open the settings and find this part;

Change ! to anything you wish to be the prefix.

I recommend you to explore the settings a bit more, as there are more settings such as Preferred method, which allow you to change the admin handles arguments. (For example, SM (the default one) is based on SourceMod, and lets you target player groups by doing @all, @others, etc, while S (or Simple) will allow you to use the current method most other admins use to target groups, for example, all, others, etc..

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Thanks I’m just dumb so :joy: Couldn’t find it

Sheesh, this will take a while to read since there were too many updates.
I’ll… uh… just make it into a spoiler for each major build. (tl;dr is included, so you don’t need to exercise by clicking the build changelogs)

Remember, you can join the discord server in order to get the updates before everyone else!

Build 15 (Broadcast update lol)
+ UI Overhaul for broadcasts. (broadcast and stuff)
+ A notification has been added for when people leave while being muted.
+ The admin is now automatically muting people who leave while being muted and rejoin.
+ Officially added table env.Settings.RelevelCommands.
! Broadcast-type (NewMessage) messages are now client-sided.
Build 16 (Temporary Admins)
+ Added new table in the environment for temporary levels, marked as 'env.templevels'.
+ New commands: !temp[level] and !untemp. (untemp will remove temporary admins only.)
+ Added boolean value env.Settings.SuppressErrors.
+ Better modding support; When you want to fork a command or a function, you won't need to disable them.
! You can now server ban people who are root as the owner.
Build 17 (the "Stop destroying our eyes" update)
+ From now on, all long notifications will be extended. You'll notice it rather quickly if you get a lot of long notifications.
+ The light mode notifications option will now save.
+ Experimental animated notifications have been added.
+ Light Mode: Broadcast messages are now affected by the Light Mode option.
! When a notification expires (either by clicking or timer runs out) the above notifications will 'fall' to fill in that space.
Build 18 & 19 (Both were rather minor)
+ Added command flags.
+ StringManipulator is now active for ban messages.
+ If you want to suppress the game secret message you usually get when firing up Redefine:A, you can now add this line to the settings;
module.HideGameSecret = true
! Temp levels are now handled using table.insert rather than table[#table+1]
! !tick and !ping are now separate commands.
Build 20 (aka the SyncAdmin update)
+ Added SyncAdmin plugins support.
+ Officially made StringManipulator available on all message-type commands.
+ New notification type: Hint
+ You no longer have to ungroup command models in order for them to be recognised by the admin.
+ Sound Packs; The sounds will be replaced without the need of rejoining now.
+ You will now also be able to see which sound pack is active.
! Changed ListUI to a new experimental UI that is primarily based on Windows 'Metro Classic' feel.
! You now need to click on '&' to get the Searchbar.
! The Searchbar has been tweaked a bit in all ListUI type messages.
Build 21 (CloudAPI Update (The current one))
+ A global banlist is now active, constantly being moderated by the R:A staff team. You can report cheaters, exploiters, TOS-Breakers, whatever.
+ You can now have game settings saved between games (admins, bans, UI configs, etc.)
+ You can now target in-game teams using ${team} or team:{team}
({team} being the team name
+ Added an API status viewer in settings.
+ You can now use RichText in notifications freely.
! Updated !tick to use RichText and include API Responsiveness.

is this admin a computer or a admin ???

I am having a tough time answering that question lmao.
This admin is an admin I guess :woman_shrugging:

no it is pro pc which is very epic with le epic background

Hello! Your admin is quite clean and is pretty funny when you mess with things like running superadmin on a root admin. It has the right balance of fun but not terribly abusable commands. Is it possible to set up a trello or discord ban list though? The current ban system is a little hard to manage timebans with, unless you want to straight-up permanently ban everyone that breaks a rule, or only issue server bans, you would have to set up another admin system along with it. Other then that I think it would work for a group game like I want and I appreciate someone setting something cool like this up for free, this deserves more attention and use.

Hey there. Yes, the admin is very much able to operate on Trello, Discord and any other services you might be able to use as long as you can run them on Roblox. (Again, it’s very modular and open source on top of that, meaning you can literally rewrite the whole admin to be something entirely else without even forking the module.)

As for the trello/discord direct integration, I can help you make one for your group while making it an available resource for everyone else at the same time. Feel free to join the R:A Discord so we can further discuss it from there.

Thanks for the quick response, I don’t have a verified phone number on the account currently and I am not sure I want to put it out there on many sites, this might seem like over thinking it but I just don’t want to get spam calls in case Discord’s info ever leaks which I realize probably won’t happen.

That’s perfectly fine. If there’s a method of communicating privately you’d rather use, DM me it.


Alright, I will send you private messages.

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Refer to the previous post regarding the late bump.

I have just released a huge update in the engine, adding a lot of new developer tools for commands, custom functions, and even custom UI.

Here’s a recap of all the major builds since the last recap;

Build 22 (2FA & a few tweaks)
+ Released Discord-Roblox 2FA for all games where the admin is level 4 or higher.
+ Added more API stuff client-side.
+ Enabled RichText on notifications.
+ Added more !debuglogs stuff.
! !tick now shows the ping between the server and the API.
Build 23 (Version Control but more SyncAdmin Emulation Improvements)
+ New Version Control; Allows you to choose Major builds, Beta builds and Dev builds.
+ Added a lot of the SyncAdmin functions into the emulation, as well as a few new ones. (Including a new function 'setstrict()')
+ Added the question-type notifications.

Now, a lot of people ignore the version controller screaming at them to finally update their loader to the new version, so I’ll just post the newest update here to hopefully change their minds.

Build 24 (UI Theming, Command Tester, generally new stuff, etc...)

Hint; UI Themes can change almost everything in the client-side

+ Added UI Themes, of which include the Default ones and the newer Glass ones.
+ Added a *broken (plz fix roblox)* Refresh button to ListUI.
+ Added a !panel command which somewhat uses a custom EnvInjector module I'm working on.
+ Added Tempbans.
+ Added a command tester to help you test whether or not the commands would work before even running them. (Warning: Unstable, make sure to disable the Shutdown command if you're running it.)

As always, the full changelog can be found in the official discord which im pretty much starting to beg so you’d join it.

Edit after ~3 hours; I realised there was a critical mistake in the JoinHandler. It has been fixed. Sorry for any issues that might have arisen. I hope it didn’t affect anyone, considering that the admin is barely used anyways as of now. :eyes:


Does !calladmin call a admin that is a admin on the list?

CallAdmin is a command made to call Sezei.me admins to investigate game abuse, exploiters, or any bug found within Redefine:A. It can be disabled by adding it to the disabled commands list in the loader.

Ok, is there a command to call a admin on the list?

It really depends on how you want it done; If you mean call them if they are in-game (so they can teleport to you), you can get the game owner to implement a !notifyadmins command, or if you’re an admin yourself, you can use !notify @.admins [message] (without the dot between the @ and admins). If you want to use webhooks, that is something you’ll need to do yourself, since I do not know how your server structure works and/or where to redirect the calls.

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Ok. A idea is to add a command like that as the !calladmin UI is really cool and would be useful if it called admins onthe list.