Open Source! Roblox Tram/Train

Open Source train/tram kit.

The kit uses parts to guide itself along the rails. Running on bodyvelocity so it can climb any hill. The train I have on it rightnow is from sketchfab but you can delete it if needed because it doesnt quit matter. It uses blocks to control its movement and can stop, slowdown and speed up using blocks. The blocks can also make it honk its horn. When it stops at a station its doors open. You can enable the car to switch direction and you can also set the stop duration. Do not make the stop duration shorter than 10 seconds due to the timing of the slowing down and the doors. I am a newer scripter so please understand this is not the best script. Its single script and 130 lines of code.

Please comment what projects you use with this tram desgin.

tramforfree!!!.rbxm (2.0 MB)


BodyVelocity is deprecated BodyVelocity