Open-Source UI Releases

Thanks! Feel free to comment with any ideas.

Hey everyone, I created a quick place where you can easily take a copy of these open-source projects I have released.

Also, please PM if you want to help me implement a feature to this place where the user can view a preview of each release

Hey everyone, releasing a brand new suite of UIs starting with these awesome game UIs!


Update! Added a functional discord feedback system.

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Updated! Added another UI Set that is mostly functional.

@Profess_ional does the feedback system work in game only or in studio too?

The feedback system works in game.

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Only in game?
So not in studio?

I have not tested in studio, no.

It should work in studio too but… what’s the point exactly?

I was just testing and it didn’t seem to work.

Added a brand new UI!

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Thank you for this Open-Source, it’s quite interesting! I should try to make something like this…

Thank you profess, Very cool! That account page is nice looking but the buttons don’t ripple. (might do that myself later though :wink:)

Will be using this for a project I’m working on, thanks!

The buttons use RoStrap and will ripple if you use the OnPressed function (equivalent to MouseButton1Click)

For example:

    -- Do the mouse clicked stuff

Oh, Ok! Didn’t know that you used rostrap… Probably you should include the ripple module with the GUI.

I also saw the discord feedback system in a real game and that kinda surprised me a little bit!