[OPEN] Star-Wars Genre Morph Creator/Builder/Modeler

About Us

Hello there! We are The Order of the Sith! We are a large star-wars genre group based during the Old Republic when the Sith still waged wars throughout the galaxy! We’re striving to reform our tech constantly and to become one of the best Sith groups on the platform!

You can see our group and main game here:

Developer Team

@EliteJcoombs - Head Developer/Scripter
@CoIdDemon - Builder
@W1_f1 - Builder
@You - Morph Creator

About The Job

We are looking for a professional builder/morph creator to join our team. You would eventually cycle through all of our current morphs/outfits and create replacements for them. You would be creating detailed, clean, and generally nice morphs/outfits for our use. It’s a big bonus if you can make meshes for use with the morphs to clean stuff up and reduce the part count!


You must be able to provide/agree to the following for us to consider contracting you onto our developer team:

  • Committing to the contract and following through with commissions.
  • Providing past works/portfolio. (This can be as basic or as advanced as you want it to be.)
  • Able to provide detailed, optimized, clean, and fast work.
  • Able to accept any of the payment methods below.

Payment Information

You’ll be paid weekly based off what you get done during that payment period. We are also able to offer a non-legal contract that will guarantee payment for all assets you create. We are expecting each morph/outfit to take 1-4 hours to complete with varying complexity, and we are able to follow-through with the following payment methods:

  • Zelle
  • Venmo
  • Paypal (If necessary, we can do paypal)
  • Other (May be worked out if you have a specific platform you need to be paid on)

Contact Us

You can contact me on the Developer Forum or via Discord at: UncleTyrone#0001
You can also join our discord server and send me a ping! https://discord.gg/JHuzm4J

Thank you for considering the job!

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Send request for discord my user is a termolelora#9994

Sent a request on Discord, I’m Snaps#1024

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