[OPEN] Sugariez Bakery - Hiring Scripters

Sugariez Bakery - Hiring Developers

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About Us

Sugariez is a Bakery based Corporation on the ROBLOX Platform! We strive to create a unique experience for our community never seen in another establishment on the platform. Our atmosphere targets a community who wants to taste something new, unique, and experience true luxury in delectable treats & deserts. We work meticulously to ensure that our employees and quality give you the best experience possible!

The Team

@LocalMotions - Lead Development
@Phenothical - Building & UI Designing
@VACANT - Scripting

About The Position

We are seeking experienced scripters to contribute in the development of our upcoming Version 1. You will be responsible for constructing/scripting various systems such as: baking system, ordering system, cook order claim system, etc.

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Upon completion of this assignment, you will be paid via Group Funding. You may have the opportunity to continue working with Sugariez Bakery, so please consider putting effort into your designs.

Payment and Perks for YOU of the Job

You’ll be paying a decent sum of robux in the tens of thousands after you’ve completed all of the tasks (the amount will vary depending on what we ask you to do, but it’ll be generous). You’ll then work part-time on our Development Team to create amazing daily updates that our huge community will appreciate, and we’ll pay you per job.

Generally, what you should expect by working with Sugariez Bakery:
» You’ll be working in a team with other experienced developers in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

» Work in an awesome supportive environment with an active community, whom adores every update you push - we’d like to boast we are one of the best upcoming Bakery communities!

» Sugariez Developers are just the best, so this is a fantastic chance to add an incredible experience to your portfolio.

» We understand that you will have other obligations and that you are only human, so we provide flexible working arrangements. Since your well-being is a top priority for us, we always strive to minimize stressful working conditions for our Developers.

Well, you’ve caught my attention… how do I apply?!

If you’re interested in applying or have any questions about the position/pay, please contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord (Andrew <3#1000) OR my Vice President (devy;#2534) on the official Sugariez Bakery Community Server.

Thank you for your interest,

President of Sugariez Bakery
Sugariez Bakery

Please notice that to apply, you must be at least 13 years old, have a strong Roblox and Sugariez Bakery reputation, have a portfolio of work readily accessible, and adhere to a shared Developer agreement.


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