[OPEN] Team Sun & Moon is hiring executives/project managers

We are Team Sun & Moon. A new and rising team of developers determined to bring top-quality content to Roblox on a regular basis.

About the job

We are looking for talented, productive people to be executives and/or project managers for our team. This is a long-term job.

What the work involves

You will sit on the executive board. You will be a part of making the important decisions. You will also conduct and put projects into action, sometimes being the leader of the project. You will also use your skills to help the team solve problems.

Attributes required

We are looking for productive, non-toxic people.

We are also looking for people with over 6 months of experience in a developing field. Most preferred are building and scripting.

We’re looking for people with excellent communication skills, and the ability to conduct and complete projects.

We are looking for people with good problem-solving skills.

Payment details

Payment will vary. And isn’t guaranteed.
However, you will take a fair portion of any earnings you make from projects that you take part in, as well as projects that you manage and execute.


Contact me on Discord at Xenonic778#9110
Or you can join the Discord server.

Having discord is a must
Thank you for reading! Have a great day!

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