[OPEN] TeamRapid - Recruiting Members


Hey everyone,
TeamRapid is currently looking for highly experienced builders, programmers and modelers to join our team. Our current game is called HoverKarts. Essentially it’s a competitive Motorcycle game but players can throw items(Power-Ups) to other users to knock, freeze, or blind them. Custom Vehicles and cosmetics will be added to a store for players to buy.
Players will have the option to level up and upgrade Motorcycles.
Map Design is Low Poly Based
You will be required to work on these categories in the game.
Work alongside Builders
Work on Details for maps
Create Motorcycle Meshs

You will work on the map(s) (Lowpoly is preferred)
Detail on Map
Setup designs or sketches of ideas

Create Motorcycle Physics
Create “Power Ups”
Create Multiplayer (2P, 4P, 10P option)

Animate Power Up/Throwing animation
Vehicle Turning Animations
Payment will be given out as a percent of the revenue which will be given after we have a completed team list. We’re just setting up the project and hopefully get it done by mid-April. The map(s) are not huge and can be completed by the due date.
We have exciting things to add every (1-2) weeks from now on once the game is completed. If you’re Interested in these positions? Please reach out to me (@Reasons2Blox) or (@Weaselify) for any more information.


Im in I got experience My discord is GOD#0841


Current Postions Now Available

  • Programmer
  • Animator
  • UI Designer


I’m interested in your Building Position!

All though, how much revenue do you plan on receiving per week for this game?


Is there any Postions for music composer if you’r in need of one


We’re currently not looking for any builders at the moment. Maybe in the future!


We’ll keep you in mind as we are currently starting things off! Love your music by the way!


I’m in for UI, you can check out some of my work at @passhley on Twitter. My discord is Pashley#7029