[OPEN] Teattiana | Music composition & Sound-effects

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Would you be interested in Vehicle Engine Sound Design?

Your discord username isn’t working, I have some sound effects work. My discord username is ConquerorClinto#2009 if you’re interested.

the music itself seems very interesting and i would love to have a sound designer - i scrolled down and saw
Loops (0-1 min) - 2k Robux
The price is ridiculous for a 0-1 min sound track, let alone that being the cheapest price unless you have a TON of money to spare would not recommend buying

Look through other Music Composers and you will find that people are more expensive than this, 2,000 is cheap considering the amount of effort someone is putting in, can’t expect people to work for free it’s just unrealistic.

Would love to chat further, tried your discord but it doesn’t seem to work so if you could add me instead. Zak#5000

As a heads up, I really wanted to work with this individual on a few projects as their work seems really nice, but they ghosted me on Discord.

I wanted to see if it was a “me” issue so I had the client in which I am the manager for message them, and they had the same luck (no reply).

So I have no idea how they are work wise, but I just wanted to put it out there that they ghosted people.

(I never wrote this review as it’s a bit old, but I contacted them the day they made a hirable post on Hidden Developers and they linked to this portfolio)

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I’m not saying they should do it for free at all, but I did what you said “check others” saw one for 1 min for 250 robux, like 2000 for 1 min isn’t a great deal honestly - it shouldn’t be cheap but not 2000 for a 1 min sound lol