[OPEN] Terabyte Studios looking for an animator and a builder!



About Us

We are Terabyte. A game studio that is currently working at a game close to launch. We’ve worked for over a year, developing a new FPS game called Redux. A lot of work is done, but we still need an animator to animate a myriad of different stuff, and a builder to work on future assets.
You can see current progress on our twitter or in-game linked below.


About The Job

We’re looking for highly motivated individuals who are ready to work in an environment with people who have a great passion for this current project.

We are looking for an animator to animate animations that might require someone with a bit of experience. We are in need of movements in 8 directions. Movements consist of crouching, running and walking. As this is an FPS game, we will also need animations for reloading different guns etc.
You also need to be comfortable with animating with both custom rigs and standard Roblox rigs for different assets.

We are looking for a builder to hopefully work at the project full time. Most preferably, we are looking for a builder that can build several maps. We are looking for someone with an eye for map design and with a creative mind. We have concept art to show on different map designs and you will be working in an environment with people who love to give feedback.


As an animator, we will hire you as a contractor. We have a high budget, and we’re open to negotiating payment. Payments are available with both Robux and USD.

As a builder, you are free to choose whether or not to work as a contractor or join the team as a permanent solution by getting paid in percentages. The last option will require you to be highly dedicated to the project. As a contractor, we will pay you per map you make. EDIT: We offer payment in both Robux and in USD.

Interested? - Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord at 2Dry#2003.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask! - Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

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Forgot to mention that payments are available in both Robux and USD to the builder and animator we’re hiring :slight_smile:


Is there a deadline for either jobs?


I’m interested!


Super interested in the builder position. I’ve made similar styles before. I’m guessing it will be relatively low poly and not too high detail?

Message me with some examples or concepts and i’ll let you know if I’m able to do it.


So I’ve now had a look at the game, and I’m more than capable of producing maps like this.


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I have messaged you on discord.


Are you in need of a composer?


2Dry is a great project manager. I highly reccomend taking this job if you want a stable working environment.


Hey, so I’ve tried to contact you on the DevForums, but you won’t respond. Please accept my discord friend request so we can talk there.

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