[OPEN] Texture Artist Wanted! [25K R$ PER TEXTURE!]

About Us
Hello there. We own a decently popular game called Era Of Terror, which is a game that involves survival as a dinosaur on a harsh island environment. We have been working to make this game the absolute best it could possibly be on ROBLOX, and if you want to check it out, here’s a link.

About The Job
We are currently searching for an experienced texture artist for blender models who would be able to create high-quality, realistic textures for the upcoming dinosaurs coming to our game. The textures must be translatable to ROBLOX through the TextureId system for MeshParts, and they have to cover the joints for the dinosaurs as well (Since there is no mesh deformation in ROBLOX as of right now, we separate each joint and circle them off for a smoother look when animated). UV maps for dinosaurs are already made.

Payment is 25,000 robux through group payout in the EOT group. Further details can be provided upon contact.

Due Date
We expect a sent animal to have a texture done within a week of being sent the model. If they are completed in good time and look great, we’ll be willing to pay even more robux per texture.

We mainly work through Discord, so if you are interested in the job, contact Aliens#7024 . Please show a portfolio after your friend request has been accepted, and you will be selected if your work is deemed to fit our style.


so it is not just texture only but also uvmap the object, add that to the list.


The UV maps are already made, I should probably mention that

Sent you a request on discord.

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