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Hey there! I’m thajapl, a Roblox Developer. I have joined Roblox in 2012 and have developed ever since. I am a Builder, 3D Environmental, Game Designer and also Map Designer . I’ve been actively building for about 4+ years now but taken breaks here and there. This is my portfolio for project hiring, feel free to take a look and get in touch if you are interested in my services I can provide. You can also view my Talent Hub Portfolio. Message me on discord or Twitter for a fast response!

:question: Why should you build your games?

  • In recent years, the Roblox Community has been growing non-stop and are still continuing until today, with an enormous amount of players joining in each year. however, i can help you to Remastered or Build your games.

:question: Why should you hire me as your builder?

  • I can assure you my builds are very natural and will bring the best experiences to your players unlike a basic builds. And Always better to help and upgrade your games. And My prices can also be heavily influenced by demand!

  • I am a friendly human-being with a positive altitude, I’m willing to take criticisms and use them to improving myself day by day. My communication skills are quite descent, with that, I am good at teamworking and collaborations.


Lowpoly Maps

Other Stuff

Commissions & Designs

  • High quality versions of my GameDev can be seen on my Twitter (Triangle_Unit), this twitter only exists so that I can link work on the talent hub properly without getting my creator page taken down for having. If you’re interested in commissioning me, feel free to contact me on here or on any of my socials linked below. Just ask politely if I’m accepting commissions at this time and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.





:exclamation: All prices are negotiable, please DM me for details!

Name :robux_light: Robux :credit_card: PayPal :heavy_division_sign: Percentage
Builds (Tiny Map) 1.5k-3k Robux Depends Depends
Builds (Small Map) 5k-15k Robux Depends Depends
Builds (Medium Map) 10k-20k Robux Depends Depends
Builds (Large Map) 16k-30k Robux Depends Depends

Contact me for negotiation if you wish to pay in Game Percentage !



:incoming_envelope: Discord: TagBlox#7065
:bird: Twitter Group:
:sparkles: Talent Hub: Portfolio link
:globe_with_meridians: DevForum: @thajapl
:roblox_light: Roblox: thajapl

It would be my pleasure to work with you and your team.
Message him on discord or Twitter for a fast response!

Thanks for reading. Have a good day / night!

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